Welcome to Here at Rotiform we design, build and sell the most sought after wheels on the market today. We strive to offer unique wheels which are created using a carefully measured blend of timeless classic design and fashion forward thinking. Whether it be one of our single piece cast wheels, custom forged monoblock wheels or our ultra light weight multipiece racing wheels, Rotiform employs industry leading techniques, materials and production processes across our entire product range.

In addition to our own product line we also offer both complete, and a-la-carte restoration services for aluminum, magnesium or steel wheels. We specialize in a full range of finishing services including powdercoating, liquid paint, polishing, plating and anodizing. If you are searching for a new set of gold hardware, spacers and adaptors, lug bolts or a replacement lip for your rare three-piece splits - we stock or can source what you need.

Rotiform Denmark - c/o KERATECH WHEELS A/S – LANGHEDEVEJ 9 TINGHØJ – DK6800 VARDE – TLF 75 26 95 00 – e-mail: